Never before have businesses invested so much time and money in to creating compelling email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is especially crucial for small business owners like coaches. For a self-employed coach, there's a high risk of becoming lost in the sea of email advertisements a prospective client receives every day.

To give you a quick idea of where email marketing stands today, Ace-up has some quick facts and figures for 2016.
  • 8% companies spend their time crafting emails
  • 7% will spend money on email marketing software, list growth, development, and design
  • Companies spend 1-5 hours developing an email campaign
  • The three biggest pain points in email creation are:
    • Coding for email
    • Code fixing on an existing email platform
    • Content and creativity

In addition, we filtered top four trends for 2016, and have implemented them in our marketing services for coaches.


Interactive Features

Interactive features, as the name suggests, increase interaction between clients and the email message. This means clients will spend more time learning about the product offered and be more likely to click through to the desired link.Emails have become something of a simplified version of a business website. Using CSS coding we can create menus and accordions to show and hide content. In addition, the rising popularity of animated GIF and video marketing makes these things a necessary element in emails. According to Email Monday, the presence of animated GIF and videos increases the click-through rate by 26%, and increases the conversion rate by 103%.

Fluid Hybrid Design

It's no surprise that the use of mobile phones has increased. Some use their phones more often than their desktop or laptop for checking emails and browsing the Internet. Businesses should keep this change in mind. Content appears different on different devices. This is where coding skills come into play; coders will set media queries to create responsive design, so that the right content design is triggered on the right device.

Context Relevance

When writing emails, there are two main factors you have to consider: subscriber’s needs and relevance. People open an email because they expect to get something valuable like product information, discounts, or upcoming events. Mabye you've noticed companies like Amazon track consumer behavior by tracking their clicks on products they're interested in. Amazon shows customers the same or similar products to what they've viewed before. This repetition increases the number of times a customer sees the product. This repetition increased immediate purchases by 60% and increased deferred purchases by 58%!


You cannot target everyone with the same content because everyone has different needs. It is always better to send emails to a small, targeted list of people. Segmenting your customers correctly will increase brand loyalty and keep them interested in coming back. The last thing you want to do is annoy your customers or leads with irrelevant content.


Email marketing is a powerful tool. We’ve encountered fundamental shifts in email marketing from text-only emails to multimedia content and from desktop formating to mobile presentation styles. If you are a business or career coach looking to boost your email marketing campaigns or outreach, you can learn more about Ace-up's services here.

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