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Deborah Huisken

Deborah Huisken, PCC, is an executive coach, consultant, and thinking partner to business leaders, executives, and owners. She has helped owners triple their revenue and reach profitability; executives take on higher-level challenges and better manage their teams; leaders grow existing businesses and create new ones; high potentials confront bullies, address career-limiting challenges, and step into their full capacity. She specializes in helping her clients – particularly the innovators – understand what is unique about them, and how to leverage that in the work they do. Of particular interest is helping corporations identify, understand, and become more successful in working with the unrecognized or under-developed innovators and thought leaders in their midst. She is particularly gratified working with these sorts of high potentials and innovative talent, including thought leaders who may not yet recognize themselves as such, particularly women and minorities who have not yet found their voice. Acting as their sounding board, she facilitates their transitions into roles that more fully utilize their talents and capabilities. Market segments with which she has the most experience include B2B, high tech, manufacturing, transportation, FMCG, higher education, the sciences, and the arts.

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