One of the most important things to do prior to starting your job search is to make sure that the information and key points of your resume and Linkedin profile are consistent with one another. Everyday, I speak to professionals whose resume is disconnected from their Linkedin profile. While this looks unprofessional to prospective employers, it looks just as unprofessional to not have a Linkedin profile at all.

As a CEO and hiring manager for many years, the first thing I would do when I received someone's resume was to go to Linkedin and see if their profile was consistent with the information and key points of the resume they sent me. If there was no Linkedin profile, I would wonder if this person was serious about their career. If the content on their Linkedin profile was different from their resume, I would also wonder if this candidate was serious about their career, or possibly trying to hide something.

Certain inconsistencies between a resume and a Linkedin profile would immediately disqualify a candidate in my mind - like a job listed on one but not the other, or a job that was described very differently on each one. Inconsistencies in job skills and qualifications between the two would also cause me to think about whether this candidate would be a good fit.

As a former CEO who has dismissed candidates for these things in the past, take my advice: please take a moment to look at your resume and Linkedin profile and make sure they are consistent so you can present a consistent professional image to prospective employers. It makes a world of difference.

Ace-up Career Coach John VicidominoJohn Vicidomino is a highly successful internet and software industry veteran. He has hired, interviewed and coached 1000's of people during his career resulting in award winning organizations that have the most talented people in positions that are rewarding to them and the customers they serve. His accomplishments include the launch, management, and sale of several software technology and services companies along with key management and consulting positions in established companies.

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