Starting and maintaining a small business is a job in and of itself. There's an incredible sense of independence when you own your own business, but with so much going on, anxiety and stress can quickly creep in.

Just because it's your business, doesn't mean you can't ask for help. Ace-up can help connect you with a small business coach--someone who can help grow your venture.

Ace-up asked four small business coaches on the platform what advice they give small business owners hoping to take their venture to the next level.

Shelly Berman-Rubera: "Research, investigate and create a strong concept and differentiating message."

While we’d like to think our small business is as unique as our own fingerprints, in reality, companies are similar. But, don’t focus on what makes your small business the same as others, but on what makes it different.

Imagine if you were in the room with 20 people in your same profession or business. How can you use your uniqueness to engage someone in 15 words? If you hone in on your unique approach or features, you will find that customers do the same.

Being an independent business doesn't mean being alone. A small business coach can help you create a roadmap to success and growth. Ace-up has a diverse network of small business coaches that make growth simpler.

Ed Drodza: "What are the obstacles that impede your ability to grow?"

Improving your business is an ongoing process, make sure you are asking yourself questions. Admitting you don’t know something can be intimidating, but the process is also freeing. Asking questions can lead to action steps, solutions and problem solving.

While it might sound scary, addressing obstacles head on gives you the ability to create a roadmap for a solution. You might not be able to tackle all of your obstacles at once, but creating a plan will help you grow and learn instead of waiting for a problem to become too big to solve.

Stephan Thieringer: “Commit yourself to discovering your values, self-destructors and motivators. Use these as a catalyst for personal growth.”

Obviously you have to ask yourself, are you committed to your business? Do you want to succeed and grow? Are you willing to grow yourself as you grow your business?

Whether you’re starting something from scratch, or maintaining a years old enterprise, checking in with your personal growth is essential. If you grow, so will your business. Weak on bookkeeping or personal finance? Make it a goal to grow that skill. Unhappy with your direction? Consider pivoting.

When you give yourself space to check in on personal growth, you are also feeding your small business.

Scott Graham:  “Take action NOW!”

Accept that the process of small business growth isn’t about taking advice or waiting for something to happen. If you want your business to grow, you have to take action with purpose.

Working with a coach as a small business owner is all about taking personalized action. What next steps can you take to ensure growth and security? You have to be willing to strike out on your own and create something that is uniquely your own.

Action breeds motivation, focus and effectiveness. Advice can take you far, but it can’t solve all your problems.